" I use holistic herbs to custom

 blend a regiment designed for 

​your specific hair needs"

​​I am dedicated to mastering the art of you. You supply the vision, and I will do the rest.



Hair loss, transition from chemical to natural, shedding, weave — no problem. I have been in this business a long time because I understand what people go through with their hair and I love to see hair grow!


Courtney Johnson,

Owner /Hair Stylist


Courtney Johnson a licensed hair stylist for over 22 years.  A native from New Orleans Louisiana, Courtney blends southern hospitality with Dallas flare.  Courtney is the hardest working hairstylist in the beauty industry. Courtney has studied with the best in the business , such as  Paul Mitchell, Farouk, Dudley, Najah "like the river" Adrian "the dreamweaver", 'Freddie J", the list goes on.  Courtney spends much of her time on haircare science and chemistry to help clients with the best solution for there haircare needs.