All services consist of holistic herbs to help maintain the integrity  of the hair


Influance Shea Butter Relaxer/Sensitive Scalp System

Its a relaxer system that is infused with African Shea Butter, which protects the hair structure while the bonds are being loosened, and serves as a buffer in avoiding scalp irritation, dull rough hair is converted into hair with a silky feel and a vibrant shine.

Virgin Relaxer                                                    125.00

Touch-up Relaxer                                                 85.00

Basic Smoothing System                              225.00

Brazilian Blow-Out                                    280.00            

Can be used on any types of hair, help with breakage    

HAIR PRESSING                                              70.00&up

Its a technique used to straighten the hair without use of harsh chemicals


Shampoo & style                                                   60.00

Shampooing your hair with products that have been infused with natural ingredients can really improve your hair and scalp and it doesn't upset your natural ph balance. 





Deep conditioner

Rich in protein to aid in faster hair growth.

$25 & up


Protein conditioner
Stops breakage and shedding immediately.

$25 & up


Hair Steamer Treatment
Great for color, relaxer, softens natural hair by infusing natural ingredients. It also strengthens & grows hair if it gets to much exposure to the sun.




Rusk Hair Color contains natural ingredients and non-harsh chemicals.


Color-Black or Brown Rinses


Color-Grey Coverage



$75 & up

Highlights-Full  (Color correction is extra.)

$150 & up


HAIRCUTS                                    35&up



Consist of shampoo and conditioner. 

Requires free consultation and

half down to secure appointment.

$250& up

Long Hair (passed shoulder)

$25 extra


Hair coloring around hairline only, relaxer around

nape area only and hairline, cleanup with scissor, clipper etc….

$10 & up

Removal of Hair Extensions